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    failure is a common thing in our daily life. for eample, sometimes we fail to pass the eaminations. on other occasions, we are defeated in sport games. and there are times when we fail to do more satisfactory work. so it is safe to say that everyone of us must have encountered failure of one kind or another.

    however, different people have different attitudes towards failure. some people lose heart when they come across failures. they seem to think that it is end of the world. others, on the other hand, dont take failure seriously. they seem to think that failure is the first step to success.

    in my opinion, what really counts is not failure itself, but our attitude towards it. if we are afraid of failure and yield to it easily, we are bound to have one failure after another. but as long as we have confidence in ourselves and learn something from failure, well certainly go from victory to victory. so im never afraid of failure, for i firmly believe that "failure is the mother of success."

    the 小狗的作文

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