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  • 保护野生动物的英语作文怎么写-保护野生动物的英语作文




    Protecting the environment is to protect human beings themselves so that one day in the woods, no birds sing.Prairie did not run in the calves, there were no fish in the water turbidity flight : :the interdependence of human and animal nature will be gone forever.The disappearance of a species will disappear forever, so there is no way to the disappearance of the animals return to the embrace of nature.So to save endangered rare animals is a matter of great concern to mankind, the China Wildlife Conservation work is a formidable task.November 1988, China promulgated the "People's Republic of China Wild Animal Protection Law,"China's Wildlife Protection and Management law,Meanwhile the "wild animals under state protection list" up to 300 species of protected animals.All animals are natural angel -- she calls human harmony with the spirit of the fairy tale world of each species are given to human beings -- her beautiful little daydream and let us join hands and strive to Green Guardian,care for wild animals!


    My favourite animals are pandas. I like them very much because they are gentle

    and shy. They are also friendly to people. And they look funny, too. Their eyes

    are the most interesting part. The black circles around their eyes make them

    look like they are wearing glasses or have just been in a fight. Their favourite

    food is bamboo leaves. They don’t like to move around very much. In fact, they

    prefer to sleep all day if they can.

    But now pandas are endangered. For one thing, people have destroyed many

    of their habitats. For another, they don’t have enough food to eat. We must

    think of ways to protect them. I think we should build more panda zoos and plant

    more bamboo for them.

    I hope everyone can do something for animals, so that we can keep our

    world rich and colourful and full of interesting animals.

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